Addictions & Substance Misuse

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Alcohol Concern
Produces a wide range of publications and online there are links to other useful sites.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Has online information and local contact details, supporting anyone trying to overcome a serious drinking habit.

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
Provides information on all aspects of tobacco and campaigns to reduce the unnecessary addiction, disease and premature death caused by smoking.

National Drugs Helpline
Gives free and confidential advice.

Helps people give up smoking and has educational resources.

Re-Solv (Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Substances Abuse)
Publishes booklets and videos about solvent abuse and can let you know of local agencies that can help.

The Portman Group
Established by leading drink companies to promote sensible drinking, reduce alcohol-related harm and develop a better understanding of alcohol misuse. Publishes a wide range of material.