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Advisory Centre for Education
Information and advice on any aspect of state education. Helps parents or carers when dealing with schools and education authorities.

British Dyslexia Association
Information and support for dyslexic people.

Contact a Family
Support and advice for families with disabled children and children suffering from any medical condition.

Education Otherwise
Support, advice and information to families practising or contemplating home-based education as an alternative to school.

Focus Education
Amazing articles and books to show how teachers and parents can facilitate learning in those who avoid it and have troublesome behaviour. It also shows how children can be motivated to learn - and how even the 'high flyers' can benefit from the approach. John Joseph, the creator of this fantastic website, runs workshops and conferences worldwide.

National charity dedicated to tackling the crisis of social exclusion among young people. National projects helping children and young people aged 5-19 back into education, training or employment, who have not attended for a variety of reasons, including school exclusion.

Independent Panel for Special Education Advice
Gives information and second opinions for special educational needs.

Services, advice and support for people with learning difficulties, their families and their carers.

National Association for Special Educational Needs

School House
Information and support to parents throughout Scotland interested in home-based education.