Physical Health

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The Acne Support Group
Information and support for sufferers of acne and other skin conditions.

Action for ME
Information and support for sufferers of ME/CFS.

Action for Sick Children
Charity for sick children and their families working to improve health services for children in hospital and the community.

The ME Association
Information and support for sufferers of ME/CFS.

Association of Young People with ME
Information and support specifically for young sufferers of ME/CFS.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign
Helps people with life-threatening allergies.

The British Body Piercing Association
Promotes, and gives information on, healthy and safe practices in body piercing.

British Nutrition Foundation
Information on nutrition, including for different age groups.

Diabetes UK
Diabetes UK is the operating name of the British Diabetic Association. Campaigns on behalf of people with diabetes, provides support and information and funds research.

Eating Disorders Association 
Information and support for sufferers of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders and their families.

Epilepsy Action
Epilepsy Action is the working name for the British Epilepsy Association. It provides information and support for people with epilepsy.

Health and Safety Executive
Information on safety aspects of employment.

Charity providing a life-saving identification system to protect and save lives: useful if you have a hidden medical condition or allergy.

Migraine Action Association
Information and support for migraine sufferers.

National AIDS Trust
Support for people, and carers of people, with AIDS.

The National Endometriosis Society
Gives information and support to endometriosis sufferers.

The National Society for Epilepsy
Provides information and support for people with epilepsy.

NHS Direct
Health information and advice.

Positively Women
Provides free and confidential practical and emotional support to women with HIV and AIDS.

Scoliosis Association (UK)
Provides information and support to parents of children with scoliosis (a twisted spine).

Strongbones Childrens Charitable Trust
Provides information for parents of children with scoliosis.

The Terrence Higgins Trust
Promotes understanding of HIV and AIDS. Publishes a wide range of free booklets.